Technology Systems

Technology tools for education

Work more effectively by using better tools.


To get the best results for every student, educators need tools designed to help make informed decisions that lead to improved student outcomes -- tools that make their job easier while ensuring efficiency, speed, and compliance. Our school solutions are customized to target and solve “real world” education problems, from identifying at-risk students and reviewing instructional efficacy, to assessment and curriculum management, local and provincial reporting needs, and more. Solutions like Skopus™ - EDPlan Insight™ help districts improve instruction, monitor student outcomes, and validate efficacy.  Similarly, IEP Online™ is a suite of special education management tools designed to ensure that educators are able to focus most of their time on the service of students and not just the creation of documents. 

Skopus™ – EDPlan Insight™

Robust data analytics at every level, from teachers, to administrators, to leaders.

Skopus – EDPlan Insight is an intuitive technology platform designed to encourage and support a district-wide culture of data use, from the classroom teacher up to the office of the Director/Superintendent, providing staff a ‘one-stop’ experience for accessing student-related data on most devices in real (or near real) time.  The system enables district staff to ask complex questions about student performance, both individual and in aggregate, and get answers to those questions immediately. Skopus – EDPlan Insight is built on a robust Microsoft architecture, designed for expansion as K-12 data needs grow, and works with Student Information Systems, district assessment systems, and just about any other data source that can be made available.

Why choose Skopus – EDPlan Insight?

This powerful platform serves every level of the district, from classroom teachers, to administrators, to district level leaders. Benefits include:

  • Improved student outcomes
  • Enhanced performance monitoring
  • Student and class focus on learning objectives
  • Extensive reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Streamlined district-wide assessment management
  • Increased system security


Introducing Skopus AI™

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to drive student learning to new levels.

Skopus AI is PCG’s newest technology platform designed to empower teaching and elevate learning to new levels. This emerging and cutting-edge platform will provide insight to teachers that was simply unavailable, until now. By applying AI algorithms to data analysis, students will receive better supports, experience greater growth, and achieve at a higher--and more rapid--rate of success.  Teachers also benefit from Skopus AI as it takes the effort of endlessly analysing student data off their desks and provides them with the information they need to tailor instructional decisions to reap the greatest growth results for students.

Skopus AI is built upon the extremely successful Skopus – EDPlan Insight data warehouse chassis but with the added benefit of the AI algorithms applied to take the analysis to the next level. 

IEP Online™

A more powerful kind of special education case management.

IEP Online, PCG’s premier special education management system, is fully compliant and optimized to support mandated Ontario IEP and Identification & Placement (IPRC) processes and can be easily adjusted for use in other provinces.  This best-of-breed tool supports the completion of IEPs, IPRCs, clinical services management, special education equipment inventory, special transportation management, and a full analytics package.

What sets IEP Online apart?

  • Fastest growing web-based special education case management tool in Ontario
  • Adaptable to unique provincial requirements
  • Flexible, user-friendly design
  • Powerful, customizable platform that aligns with board processes and provincial regulations



Transform the strategic improvement planning process.

SkoVision, PCG’s strategic planning and performance management system, transforms the static, paper-based improvement planning exercise into a dynamic improvement process.

Designed specifically for K-12 educators, SkoVision helps educators quickly develop web-based, intuitive plans that don’t require extensive training or technical aptitude. The system supports the development of SMART objectives – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound – to increase accountability. Its centralized database and educator-friendly web interface encourage a collaborative approach that can be easily integrated with existing operational and analytical data sources. With SkoVision, strategic plans and best practices can be shared among schools and results can be tracked, analyzed, and communicated to stakeholders.

How does SkoVision help?

  • Ensures system-wide strategic alignment -- between departments, and from district, to schools, to classrooms
  • Simplifies the creation and monitoring of all district and school plans
  • Facilitates networking and collaboration
  • Enables long-term, year over year vision
  • Empowers users to analyze data and trends
  • Drives cultural change towards data-based performance management



Collaborative, powerful online learning for educators.

Pepper is a vibrant, online learning community that provides educators with anytime, anywhere access to rigorous, high-quality professional development content focused on the implementation of teaching and learning standards. From courses and instructional resources to classroom teaching videos and much more, Pepper offers a variety of learning opportunities and activities to help teachers prepare for high-stakes assessments. Educators in Pepper can create targeted learning groups, share portfolios of work, build personal peer networks, engage in course discussions, and work together as they implement standards.


Principal’s Playbook™

Professional learning to help principals become leaders of successful schools.

The Principal’s Playbook is a personalized professional learning and development platform for school leaders. It delivers just-in-time support through sequenced actions focused on specific needs, expert-curated resources, and access to a network of peers, combined with coaching, mentoring, and collaboration experiences–all in one centralized place.