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Alyssa Brown

As PCG’s Corporate Director of Communications & Public Relations, Alyssa is building and leading a comprehensive internal and external strategy to tell the story of PCG as an industry-leading consulting, operations and technology firm with unparalleled depth in its areas of core competency. Alys...


Rick Purcell

Rick Purcell came to PCG after the acquisition of eWorker Technologies in November, 2001. In his 32 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, he has developed... Rick Purcell Associate Manager Corporate Marketing Rick Purcell came to PCG after the acquisition of eWorker Technologie...


Media Inquiries

Need perspective or resources for your story? Have questions or want to request an interview? Please complete the form and a member of the Corporate Communications and Public Relations team will be in touch with you.


Business Partners

Developing strong, collaborative relationships with partners across the public and private sectors—from industry associations and nonprofit organizations, to technology providers, thought leaders, and others—enables us to better impact positive, sustainable change for our clients and the communities...


Applied Technology

Virtualize Your Workforce and Career Center Programs with VERA™ Introducing VERA, the Virtual Employment Readiness Assistant, a web-based solution that virtualizes fundamental aspects of your workforce programs: Provides jobseekers 24/7 access to hands-on and self-directed job readiness curriculum b...


EDPlan Professional Development™

Courses designed to support special educators and improve outcomes for students with IEPs EDPlan Professional Development by Pepper™ provides courses designed to support special educators and improve outcomes for students with disabilities. What does EDPlan Professional Development offer? A full lea...


EDPlan Accelerator™

EDPlan Accelerator will help schools continue to deliver services and ramp up for the 2020–2021 academic year. EDPlan Accelerator is a comprehensive framework that brings products and services together to support education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This cohesive approach is tailored to provide e...


Title 1 Next | Optimize Title I Administration and Operational Efficiency

Why Title 1 Next? Cloud-Based Compliance and Document Management Software for the Entire District PCG’s Title 1 Next™ provides documentation management and supports district-wide compliance monitoring for all Title l, federal programs, central office administration, and related departments. The plat...


EDPlan Health™ for School Nursing

An efficient, secure, and customizable web-based tool designed to simplify the nursing documentation process in your district. School nurses play a key role in the success of students, and their responsibilities are not limited to simply providing nursing services. In reality, their work can include...


SALT | Standards Alignment Tool

SALT™ is the global leader in the emerging field of open learning ecosystems. PCG created SALT to lead and test creation of IMS Global’s new Competency and Academic Standards Exchange ( CASE ). The CASE specification establishes a technical specification for ‘machine-readable’ academic standards, co...