IEP Online is a web-based application that is accessed securely within your network over the Internet. IEP Online is accessible to any modern web browser or tablet device, including the iPad. Boards may choose to host IEP Online themselves or use PCG's state-of-the-art secure hosting services, as thousands of districts do today.


IEP Online provides a framework for developing data driven, consistent, compliant IEPs for students. Educators and administrators follow a guided sequence of decision points to arrive at a professional, comprehensive, executable plan, ready for staff, families, and students alike.


Intuitive and easy to use, IEP Online follows a logical, process-oriented work flow that culminates with the printing of the required Individual Education Plan forms required by the Ministry of Education. Calendars, automated e-mail reminders, scheduling tools and more are included in our solution to help manage everyday education processes. Our interface eliminates duplicate entry of information - saving time and allowing staff to focus on educating students, not entering data.

Additionally, IEP Online:

  • Offers self-administered, fully customizable options, making it possible for boards to offer unique combinations of accommodations, assessments, and other configuration information.
  • Fully supports the Identification & Placement (IPRC) process. IEP Online includes a module for IPRC planning and generates all of the associated forms required by the Ministry of Education.
  • Integrates with existing Student Information Systems to synchronize key data elements in IEP and IPRC creation, as well as providing information required for OnSIS reporting. No manual duplication of data should ever be necessary between IEP Online and your SIS.
  • Is LDAP compatible (including Microsoft Active Directory) for simple user authentication – no extra passwords to remember.

IEP Online also includes two modules that schools and administrators find valuable:

  • Flexible Reporting allows IEP Online users to write quick, powerful, ad-hoc and custom reports, all within a web-based interface. Reports may be stored for individual re-use or published for ongoing and future district use.
  • Equipment Online is an asset tracking module used to manage the inventory of Assistive Technology or other adaptive technologies (hardware or software) used to support exceptional students. In Ontario, Equipment Online makes SEA management an integrated part of the special education process.

(Equipment Online may be licensed individually or as part of the IEP Online suite).


IEP management systems aren’t just about forms; the data they collect can also help drive improvements in schools. PCG Education published a White Paper on this subject which can be read here.



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