PCG Education's school solutions are customized to target and solve your 'real world' education problems, from at-risk student identification, assessment and curriculum management, educator effectiveness, as well as local and provincial reporting needs. Solutions like EdPlan IMS and Skopus help districts improve instruction, efficacy and outcomes.


PCG Education blends expert technical, education, and management consulting capabilities with data systems built on open standards to provide proven solutions to an array of public education challenges.

EdPlan™ Instructional Management System (IMS)

The EdPlan™ Instructional Management System (IMS) provides access to the data needed to drive instruction and support at the school, board/district/division and provincial level. Some of our IMS tools include:

  • Assessment Management. One-stop shop for managing assessments at the district and campus level and promoting day-to-day success in the classroom.
  • Curriculum Management. Lets educators collaborate and develop content to meet the needs of the learning
    population, along with extensive analysis capabilities with which to identify academic gaps.
  • Early Warning System. Helps schools and districts predict which students may need interventions to keep them on track for graduation.
  • Educator Effectiveness. Allows users to evaluate a school or district's teaching staff more effectively and efficiently, while engaging teachers in a reflective improvement process.
  • EdPlan gives educators at-a-glance information about key student assessment and performance data, as well as information for each plan area included in the district's EdPlan system.


Our data warehousing solution, Skopus, can be found in districts across Canada today.


Skopus enables district staff to ask and answer complex questions about student performance both individual and in aggregate and get answers to those questions immediately. Skopus is built on a robust Microsoft architecture, designed for expansion as K-12 data needs grow, and works with information from your Student Information System, district assessment systems, and more.


Key benefits of Skopus include:


  • Extensive Reporting and Analysis Capilities. A major area of strength for Skopus™ is its reporting capabilities. Reports, dashboards, and other web parts make data readily available to users. Ad-hoc tools give power users the ability to dig deeper into the warehouse, enabling the district to ask and answer complex questions about student, school, or district performance
  • System Security. Skopus™ is designed to serve every level of the district, from classroom teachers to the superintendent. As a result, having a secure user profile model is essential. Whether integrated with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) in your district or using its own internal AD configuration, Skopus™ profiles assure the safety of confidential student, school, and district data.
  • Regular Updates. Skopus™ is built on today's Microsoft platform, including Windows Server, SQL Server and SharePoint.


Despite the power and flexibility of Skopus™, it is not overly complex to maintain; today, Skopus™ is installed and operated by district IT staff in multiple locations.


Find out how Skopus is working for one district today.



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